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Clowns Without Borders Project in Burma - 2018

Burma - December, 2018CWB USA

Mines continue to be used in Myanmar, and there are reported incidences every 26 hours. Children are often the victims of these incidents. A large portion of the population is internally displaced because of...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Haiti - 2018

Haiti - November, 2018CSF Canada, CWB USA


In Haiti, minors are incarcerated, deprived of their rights and freedom, and the presence of RESTAVEK children in homes (child slaves) is a taboo subject and well anchored. Not to mention that for...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Lebanon - 2018

Lebanon - October, 2018CWB USA

Over 1.1 million Syrian refugees are registered in Lebanon. Lebanon hosts more Syrian refugees than any other country. CWB-USA partnered with Clown Me In – a Beirut-Based clown organization – to perform...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Mexico - 2018

Mexico - October, 2018PSF Brazil, CWB USA

Thousands of migrants from Central and South America travel through Mexico with the goal of gaining asylum in the United States. They are often referred to as Migrant Caravans. This tour was a clown caravan, that...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Puerto Rico - 2018

Puerto Rico - September, 2018CWB USA

Following Hurricane Maria, many Puerto Ricans left the island, never to return. The astronomical increase in confirmed deaths sparked political grandstanding, rather than support, while FEMA continues to accumulate...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Guatemala - 2018

Guatemala - August, 2018CSF Canada, CWB USA


On June 3rd, 2018, the Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupted and caused a major humanitarian catastrophe declaring a state of emergency in the Chimaltenango, Escuintla and Sacatepéquez departments....

Clowns Without Borders Project in Colombia - 2018

Colombia - July, 2018CWB USA

Clowns Without Borders partnered with Cali Clown, a humanitarian clowning organization in Cali, Colombia. Cali Clown works in many hospitals, favelas, and rehabilitation centers throughout Cali. This tour was an...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Mexico - 2018

Mexico - May, 2018CWB USA, PSF Brazil

In September, 2017, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck the Mexican state of Puebla. Over 300 people were killed, and buildings were reduced to rubble throughout Puebla and Mexico City. This was the strongest...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Slovenia - 2018

Slovenia - March, 2018CWB USA

Thousands of refugees walk the Balkan Route, traveling from Greece, through Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia, in the hopes of getting refuge in the European Union. Many are still stuck along that route. CWB-USA...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Colombia - 2018

Colombia - February, 2018CWB USA, PSF Brazil

Many Colombians are displaced within their own country due to ongoing guerrilla warfare, land disputes, and drug-trafficking. Despite the current peace process, reintegration of former FARC members and...