Clowns Without Borders Project in Greece - 2018

Greece - November, 2018CWB Ireland

The Irish Embassy stated in an email to us after seeing our show: “We were very taken by your whole project, and we thought your show was wonderful”. This tour, while much bigger in scope, was a return to...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Lebanon - 2018

Lebanon - March, 2018CWB Ireland

After each show we asked audience and organiser for feedback regarding our performance and the impact it has on their community. We were especially touched by the principal of a school we visited in the Bekaa...

Clowns Without Borders Project in Greece - 2017

Greece - September, 2017CWB Ireland, KIR Finland

A mixture of shows and workshops as part of summer scheme activities in Ritzona refugee camp and Serres refugee camp in Greece.

Clowns Without Borders Project in Jordan - 2017

Jordan - March, 2017CWB Ireland

The shows were arranged mainly for children in refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan comprised of Syrian refugees with a mixture of people from Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Palestine, Somalia and Jordan.