Artistic team

Antoine Guerlin, Bazard Wyldly, DieuJuste Sampeur, Fritz Pouchon, James Saint-Félix, Kelly, Mackenzie Dunophin, Montana Debor, Ronald Orelus



In Haiti, minors are incarcerated, deprived of their rights and freedom, and the presence of RESTAVEK children in homes (child slaves) is a taboo subject and well anchored. Not to mention that for years, political, economic and ecological upheavals have plunged the population into a deep precariousness and a permanent crisis.

This tour focused on violence against women and children. The team created a 30-minute show for women and children who have experienced violence. They also led workshops that focus on using art as a tool against violence. As part of this tour, the team created a photo exhibition and a small documentary.

Clowns Without Borders - Project photo by © Katel Le Fustec

© Katel Le Fustec