CWBI activities during the COVID-19 pandemic

The health crisis that the world is facing has drastically reduced the opportunities for CWBI’s chapters to plan national and international projects and reach their usual audiences. While many borders are still closed around the world, CWBI chapters are kept busy to resume projects in their home countries in favour of children in need or populations affected by Covid19; these activities strictly follow the rules from each administration. Planning to resume international projects we strongly focus on CWBI’s code of ethics, which  is based on the respect of laws, norms and cultural customs in the country that our team members visit. In line with our code of ethics, when traveling abroad CWBI’s chapters are committed to following the health guidelines and protocols issued by the visited country, its national health authorities and our local project partners. Due to the volatile situation this monitoring is done on a day-to-day basis. In addition, CWBI´s chapters review the World Health Organization Guidelines for international travel and travel related to specific countries for each program. CWBI’s priority has been, and will always be to keep communities and our team members safe. We are strongly committed to keep promoting the right to laugh and play, adapting our activities for our audience and team security.