CWBI is an international, independent, and non-profit organisation  consisting of 14 chapters sharing the common mission to offer joy and laughter to relieve the suffering of all persons, especially children, who live in areas of crisis including refugee camps, conflict zones and territories in situations of emergency. 

Our work is based on building meaningful, enduring and respectful relationships across different cultures. We cannot do this without a strong commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. As a humanitarian organisation we engage with diverse individuals, communities, organisations and other bodies around the world. In doing so we aim to develop and sustain partnerships and relationships based on mutuality, to support understanding and trust.

The organization recognizes that all people face distinct risks and varied needs. These  can increase according to the intersection of characteristics such as ethnic origin and other factors, including age, disability, sexual orientation, health status, including HIV/AIDS and other chronic illnesses, social status, immigration and/or legal status, ethnicity, faith and nationality (or lack thereof). We focus on five areas of diversity, aligned to those protected by equality legislation :

  1. Gender, gender identity or expression and sexual orientation
  2. Race and ethnicity
  3. Religion or belief
  4. Disability/ability
  5. Age

CWB chapters agreed on a common policy to improve diversity, decoloniality and inclusion in :

  • the organization of anti-racism training  for members of CWB
  • the representation in the board and artistic teams
  • artistic content and performance
  • pedagogic approach and workshops
  • internal and external communication

To learn more about the Diversity, decoloniality and inclusion policy, click here.