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Our 2021 Annual Report is available !

What happened in CWBI network in 2021 ? The pandemic has definitely impacted and challenged CWBI chapters in the last two years. And yet, we are happy to share with you some key numbers from last year, that show CWBI chapters' capacity to create new ways to reach our audience. 41 countries reached 71 projects implemented (including 8 joint-projects) 950 shows attended by more 110 000 children and adults 1600 workshops joined by more than 22 000 children and adults In Alexander Strauss's words, President of CWBI : "we can be proud of this, but also proud that in the last 30 years, since the foundation of Payasos Sin Fronteras / Pallassos Sense Fronteres / Clowns Without Borders in Spain, we have managed to spread the value of artistic work in a humanitarian context in the conscious of millions of people worldwide". If you want to learn more about CWBI chapters' activities in 2021, check our Annual Report 2021 here !

Our 2020 Annual Report is available !

The year 2020 started as usual, with many projects planned around the world by CWBI chapters. Some of those projects could take place in the beginning of the year, but it all stopped as the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded. However, CWBI chapters have used their creativity and adapting skills to propose projects in their home country or globally via online tools and new programs to keep spreading smiles and laugther around the world in spite of international borders closing. Do you want to learn more about CWBI chapter's activities in 2020 ? Check our 2020 Annual Report, available here !  @ CBWSA-2020 @PSF Spain - 2020  

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