Artistic team

Lucho Guzman Cardozo, Melissa Knowles, Henrick Bothe, and Gabi Winter


In August 2016, Clowns Without Borders USA went to Kenya with an international group of artists. Coming from the USA, Colombia, and Brazil, this team built on and expanded the workshop programming initiated during last year’s project in the Kakuma Refugee Camp. In addition to holding multiple performances, the clowns also helped refugee camp inhabitants develop new circus arts skills. It was important to teach new skills to the youth, many of whom were born in and are growing up inside the camp. Life in a refugee camp is typically limited in work and education opportunities. Furthermore, the artists sought to foster positive relationships and trust-building with those living inside the camp. Clowns Without Borders were emissaries of peace, happiness, and community, and demonstrated that there is #ResilienceInLaughter.
Clowns Without Borders - Project photo by