Artistic team

Juliana Balsalobre, Aline Moreno (Palhaços Sem Fronteiras Brasil) and Anneli De Wahl, Hugo Gerdmar- CUG – Clowner utan Gränser Sverige


One project consisting of two parts in a close collaboration between CUG and PSF. Part 1 was a pilot project, new to both organizations, focused on the city of Altamira with the goal to meet the people that got their lives dramatically changed since the construction of Belo Monte hydroelectric powerplant. Part 2 was focused in the big city São Paulo where we took part in PSF’s ongoing projects, exchanged experiences and held pedagogical workshops with the artists in their network.

Part 1 : Altamira

During 30 years the people have been fighting for the nature of their lives but unfortunately corruption and the power of companies were bigger and Belo Monte hydroelectric powerplant is now completed to 98 %. People, many children among them, who before this lived in close relation with the river and the forest have now lost their homes, income, culture and identity. The goal of the project was to reach them, let them think about something else, feel humanity, hope and most important to show the children they can find play and laughter wherever they are. Besides this, we also wanted to take the moment to build relationships and contacts for future projects in the region. We played shows for the children living in all the five RUCs (reassentamentos urbanos coletivos) which are newly built neighborhoods where many people have been relocated by force, far away from the river and forest. In addition we also spent one whole day in a village which remains along the river but where the living conditions has drastically changed and neither their lives are or never will be the same again. Finally we held workshops for young persons working with- or are interested in culture in Altamira to inspire, motivate and share tools of how to create shows. Several key persons who in various ways works with the affected people of Belo Monte and with information about the situation received us and we started an important collaboration with the organization Creax.

Part 2 : São Paulo

In this huge city there are many vulnerable communities who live outside of the society and that the government doesn’t want to regognize and therefore doesn’t give any of the much needed support. We took part in PSF’s ongoing projects with some of these vulnerable communities. We played shows at a activity center for children living in one occupied community (illegal favelas), Cracolandia, which is a neighborhood where addicts live in the streets and a migration center. In addition we made a show followed by a presentation of the project in Altamira which covered PSF’s costs of the project. Finally we held workshops based in the material Psychosocial toolbox for the artists in PSF’s network.


Clowns Without Borders - Project photo by © Ricardo Avellar

© Ricardo Avellar