Artistic team

Nicolas MOREAU, Guillaume GRISEL, Georges MATICHARD, Vanessa REY, comédienne, Yannick JAVAUDIN, Massoud RAONAQ, Sébastien BRIS, Thomas LOUAPRE


In 2005, Clowns Without Borders France implemented a project in Afghanistan with 8 French artists and 2 Afghani musicians. They got the support of different international and Afghani NGOs, as Action contre la Faim, Afghan 4 Tomorrow, Afghanistan Demain, Aide médicale Internationale, Aschiana, Children in Crisis, Enfants du monde droits de l'homme, Handicap International, as well as the Afghani Ministry of social affairs. The funds came from the profits of the November 29th, 2004 show at Cirque Phenix in favor of Clowns Without Borders France. 16 shows were performed for more than 9000 children in Kabul, its surrondings, and in Mazar E Sharif. Artistic workshops were also done, especially in the undernourishment department of Action Contre la Faim’s children hospitals.
Clowns Without Borders - Project photo by