Artistic team

Julien Cottereau (clown), Nicolas Moreau (acrobat, unicycle), Barmak Akram (director), Pierre Foucher (logistics), Anaïs Veignant (acrobat), Jérémie Fraissenet (acrobat), Meriem Menant (clown), Ariel Giraud (acrobat, juggler)


In 2003, Clowns Without Borders France went to Afghanistan with a team of 8 artists and logisticians. Field partners included Action Contre la Faim, Afghanistan Demain, Afghanistan Libre, International Medical Aid, Aïna (Committee for the development of independant media and cultural expression in Afghanistan), Aschiana (an Afghani charity), Children In Crisis, Enfants du Monde, Médecins du Monde, Sandy Gall Appeal for Afghanistan, “Terre des Hommes" Switzerland, AFAA (French committee for artistic actions), Azerbaïdjan Airlines, and the Azerbaïdjan Consulate. The team performed 14 shows for more than 4700 children in Kabul and its surroundings and in Panjshir Valley.
Clowns Without Borders - Project photo by Barmak Akram

Barmak Akram